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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

thanks mummy ♥

Last few week my face in a very dry condition cause my face dry until ''tuo pi''can u imagine how scary is it!FML. face..>.<''
after that when i bac to home let mummy aware my face problem so she immediately buy me a set of  skin care product.Mummy bought me a set of  Bioterm skin care product.
This is my very first time to try bioterm skin care product.the product that mummy bought for me including a full range of cleanser,toner, treatments for dry skin and also sunblock.

After i used bioterm product for few week,i could feel that my face already turn into good condition.i really feel moisturizer after used it.thank you mummy .i love you=)

Friday, March 18, 2011


ohyeah,17 of march is mummy big day.mummy and lil sis are march baby.we went to genting early in the morning.yeah,another family day but then both of my sis dint go due to working..haiz.too bad!we woke up at 6 something and then had breakfast at pasar.after breakfast then start our journey.
I am gonna use picture to discripe..more earsier..teehee..

look at the weather,a lot of difficult to drive.we cant even see the road properly.ohhno,daddy hard to drive..xing ku daddy le..hehe..but nice weather ,i like it so much ..very cool..i would rather cool also dun wan a hot weather.i think most of the people also same right?!but then except foreigners coz everytime when i go to the beach also see most of the foreigners solarium under the hot sun.this is one of the reason that i go to the beach la , can see their nice and sexy body shape coz they are naked.HAHAAHA..LOL..i am just kidding.
we took cable car up

awhhhh,inside d cable self-loving.let sis catch and captured it..LOL..i had cut my fringe..cute?!HAHA
daddy,where are you looking at?got any lenglui beside there ar?LOL
HELLO,taxi service available here.
look at tis!so many people.we wasted a lot of time to bought ticket.

theme park here we go!
Fun Fun qikek..i like it .By the way can release stress.i shouted until the next time out of voice d so u can imagine how lound that i shouted.Long time never been here since i was form2.
my cousin said my voice was very funny when i shout pitch some more..LOL..aiya,dint record it ..wasted..
why raining?='(

Genting night market.act same like pasar malam la but the different is not as hot as other pasar malam.that why i like it..haha

something happened while we walked at the cousin was suddenly called my name while i was walking then i stopped .i  heard he said he wan to take picture with me.then i answer him okay,take out ur camera.after that ,then three guy come nearly.i was shocked and my respond was like''huh?!My cousin said they wanna take photo with me and ask for my permission.OMG.they said me look alike their fren so wanna take photo with me and they will give me her facebook account to proved that.after that,i agreed take photo with them.the picture is 1 of d pic that took by my cousin.seems like i wanna take photo more than they wanna take photo with me lo..LOL..all my cousin keep help me to promote to my parent.OMG!! parent got nagged me oso la and said  dun simply take photo with those strangers coz dunno whether they gt purpose or nt.well,its true la..but then i also dunno why i agreed ,i may be too kind ady.HAHa..i looked at their face also doesn't look like baddie la.I told my mum act i felt happy too coz is just like celebrity.HAHAA..LOL..and i told my parent i should ask for them to pay per photo.i am just kidding la.

adult went to casino dy.they asked us ate ourselves.they can gambling then forgot their child d.too bad!haha.we ate till so full.

ohyeah,we were so lucky coz we gt d chance  watched firework and alsogt performance .Only for few day!the firework super nice.its AWESOME.I like it so much.i love to watch firework especially with family or ur  ♥ .how happiness!
we back after watched firework.what a happy day.we were exhauted!

My aunt invited us  to supper at kepong veg'restaurant around 11 something. it is delicious.i dont even realize those food are vegetarian!yummy!but too bad it is supper,i gained fat again...AGrHH!Well..had a nice day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

13.03.11(part 1)

Daddy,mummy and younger sister came bac to KL for holiday about 1 week.since my younger sis birthday on 14th and mummy birthday on 17th so both of my sis decided to invite whole family included jiu jiu,jiu mu and cousin  had dinner and celebrate their birthday at JOGOYA.I never been there before so i was freaking excited once i knew that.They arrived KL at 4 something so we immediately dress-up ourselves coz dinner start at 6pm to 9.30pm.after that we were waiting both of my sis coming coz they have to finished their work 1st.

hehe..camwhoring while waiting sister~
we reached jogoya around 6 something.
we just sitting at there ,i also dunno why we dont go and take the chair  too comfortable so we are nt willing to move?!LOL..

My eldest sis,cousin and me

Small snails?!
what is tis?LOL,lala?!

    Japanese tauhu,looks nice but taste bad.i dont like tis!
yeah,''chocolate loklok?!''haha
My favourite,dessert time!!

Mashmallow with chocolate.After capture photo only realize the chocolate not yet freezing cause my dress became so dirty..arggg!!
                                                                            So cute^-^
My lovely daddy and mummy

we love Häagen-Dazs
haha,sis with cute and funny!! me and biaomei buy for lil sis d present,it is a hello kitty's watch,i like it too

we leave jogoya around 9 something, nearly 9.30pm..OMG,my stomach was like gonna burst,really freaking full.I immediately had gain 1 kg..seriously!awhh!!after that ,we walked around and play around as well.haha,really had fun.we played and acted like nobody's business.People passing by and looked at us but we ignored.people think that we like so called ar ngou chut sing in cantonese.LOL
OHhhNO,authentic fat lady!!OHYEAH,called me fatty!!I do not want to become like tis,i should keep fit d,otherwise will really become an authentis fat lady!

we walked to the bukit bintang street.Night view very nice and so many sis take picture with this guy.when my sis has not take pic with him he did nt move his body,awesome..strong endurance!

Happy Birthday To You lil sis.
Well,had an unforgettable and memoroble day with family .I love it so much,appreciated.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011



当天就与朋有的陪伴一起去捐血。当护士要把针刺进去时,我开始紧张了,刺进去的那一刻超痛的,血流了一点后,她竟然告诉我:''ms ar,blood dah stop la,tak boleh la''..哈?!血停了,她说因为我的根脉太细了,天啊!我也不放弃,再试试右手,她也说很细,于是她便叫另一个护士来看看。这个护士看了看,便对她说:''siapa kata kecil,ini yang besar la''我也偷笑了,心想你到底会不会的,害我痛了一下''这个护士超有经验的一刺就行了,也不怎么痛。血也很顺利地流了一包~


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Start to be a blogger

      Hello everyone,i am a new blogger.since most of my friend also got blog so i decided try to blog also.i will try my best to blog once i get free.actually i am quite free in this Sem.*Hopefully* but the reason is i am lazy to blog.actually i already create this blog since last year but i never post even one you all already know how lazy am i right?LOLxD.Nevermind,i am always admit i am a lazy people.
      well,first of all,i have to apologized to you all because my English language is not that good.The so called rojak language so forgive me.i am still trying to improve.Blog is to keep memory for something special but sometime my life was so simple just routine and routine the same daily hope you guys will not get bored while reading my blog.